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Simulator time Logged, but not as a flight


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007

I had an interview at Frontier a few weeks ago and they give a little grief about having Sim Time show up as flight time. Some airlines (I hear) like to see your sim time logged.

How can I set up the sim time to be logged, but not show up in TOTAL DURATION OF FLIGHT?

Hi Sean,

You don't have to enter Duration. Enter the Date, Type, Ident, Route, and SIM and it will work fine. If you don't know or want to enter a route or ident just enter a hyphen or N/A. You can bypass the validation by going to Options/Flight Log and unchecking FAR Error Checking and also the bottom checkbox for auto-clean.
OK, that was easy to fix electronically. I had logged simulator as well as duration. Maybe a fix could be to not be able to log both as a default of the program.

Now to decide whether to simply put a diclaimer explaining the flight time correction OR reprint the last 19 years of flights at 276 pages.