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Simulator time?


New member
Jun 13, 2006
I would like to track my simulator time as a separate time group and track it by PIC-sim and SIC-sim. It appears that if log time in Simulator and PIC it adds up the simulator PIC time and totals it with all the actual PIC time. Is there a way to log time as Simulator-PIC and Simulator-SIC and not have it total with actual time but just track simulator time only.

phil bailey
Hello Phil,

I'm a little lost in your question. You can log a flight containing the following information: Date, Type, Ident, Route, and Duration (or SIM). You can enter SIM as your Ident and SIM as your Route if you wish. The rest is just like normal flight logging. Please explain further if the above doesn't help you with your question.
OK. I have entered a aircraft ident as SIM and left the duration field blank. I have entered time values (4.0 hours) in the Flight Simulator field. The simulator is a Level D full visual simulator and a training period is usually two hours as PIC and two hours as SIC. The visual can be set to day visual conditions or to instrument conditions. I want to track simulator time as Total Flight Simulator time, Flight Simulator PIC, Flight Simulator SIC, and Flight Simulator instrument time but not have the times included in the totals for acutal aircraft PIC and SIC nor included in actual simulated instrument (hooded in an aircraft) time.

Right now my PIC, SIC, and simulated instrument TOTAL TIMES (for all aircraft) are inflated by the times I entered in the PIC, SIC, and instrument fields.
The only way I can see is to add custom columns for the SIM specific data so it doesn't affect your other data. The only way around what you are doing now is to use the Analyzer and Simulator as the master filter. However, your other times you would have a problem seeing as non-SIM time.