Software problem, trouble opening program...


New member
Oct 20, 2005
I bought Logbook Pro last week and began making inputs. Now I can't open the program. I have tried to delete the program and re-download the program and it still won't let me open up the program. I double click on the Icon on the desktop and it blinks a few times and nothing else. If I click on it again I get a message saying program is busy, give it 3-5 minutes. Is there a way to completely remove the program and reinstall?

If you see that message, the software is checking for updates in the background after having closed the program and is asking you to wait a few minutes to complete the operation. You can try to reboot and start Logbook Pro again if you continue to have problems. If so, when starting Logbook Pro, go to the Options area and disable background software updates, it may be conflicting with your network/firewall configuration.
Thanks Neal, I removed the program off the hard drive and then redownloaded it off the website by using my email address. That may be my problem as maybe I don't have the original unlock or something. But it goes throught the download steps with the wizard and all and looks normal. I then tried to hit the icon and start the program and the icon keeps lighting up as if it is trying to open the program. It never does. So I could not get to the point of telling the program to disable the background software updates. How can I get the program to open off the icon?