Specify trip year on import, and/or speed up the interface


Sep 27, 2013
I tend to to import my trips after the fact, and sometimes not in the same year. The trips default to the current year. The solution proposed in the support threads is to manually adjust each trip in the importer interface. This is tedious, but it is made even more tedious and frustrating because the editing interface is really slow. Sometimes it takes 5-10 seconds for each click to register. For example, I click "edit" and wait a while. Then I can change the year. Then I click "save" and wait a while. Nothing happens during the waiting period. I might have 50 trips to do this to, which might take several hours depending on what else I go off to do while I wait for the clicks to happen.

So my first request would be to allow us to specify the year when we are importing the trips, just as we are able to specify the zulu/local.

If that's not possible, I'd request that we have the ability to bulk edit the trips. This would likely also provide utility to other users who want to edit things other than the date in bulk.

Finally, if that's not possible, can we please make the interface work in real time so that there isn't any perceptible delay between clicking on "edit" and actually being able to edit, etc? This would be nice to have regardless of the status of the first two.
You could also change your desktop's year manually for each bulk entry.
I would totally be up for that, but is the importing year based on my local clock, or the server's clock? The date seems to be coming in at the APDL step, not at the Logbook Pro step.

Looks to work. Obvious, but be sure date is set to before the trip start date.
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If the year is not specified in the file the default year is used and comes from the server, not the local PC.

I am unable to duplicate any lag in the system. It may have been the internet connection you had the time.