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Sep 27, 2002

Is there a way to spell check the remarks entries in the Logbook Pro? (couldn't find anything searching the forum posts).

Also I read in your reply to 'Jeppesen Layout ' that new columns cannot be added e.g. the blank columns that are in my paper Jeppesen. Is that correct.


PS: I just loaded the 1.7.50 yesterday and am playing with it. Best part is this forum with quick responses./forums/emoticons/cool.gif
There is no spell check built into Logbook Pro. If you need spell check, the only thing you can do is put your comments into something like MS Word, the copy the information, click in the remarks column and press CTRL + V to paste the information.

In the Jeppesen and MGOent reports, you can create your own templates essentially 'changing' the contents of the columns to what you desire. There is no ability to add/remove columns on the Jeppesen/MGOent style reports.

Yes, the forums receive priority handling as this is a great resource to find answers to others questions, hence why this is the preferred system to ask questions. Also, others can answer if they know the answers, thereby we can all help each other.

Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.

I have figured out adding the columns to the Jeppesen layout to match my paper logbook.
Well, I'm not adding the columns, just using the blank ones, same as in my paper logbook. I have created 'High Performance' and 'Complex' custom fields and included these in the Jeppesen custom report. Obviously I know which of my airplanes are 'HP' or 'C' so I have autofill do the work.
If what I wrote above does not make sense, at least I wanted to let you know that my paper and electronic logbooks now match. This makes it a breeze to check each page individually.

I left the software dormant for a while but now I have purchased the key and started typing. I'm using the keyboard for everything except when there is a change of the airplane. Each page in Jeppesen logbook takes only couple of minutes; I expect to have 4 years of data done in a day or so.

Thanks for your help.