Sprint PPC-6700


New member
Mar 25, 2006
Hi. I am researching pda/phones to purchase and would like some info to help me make my decision on which 1 to go with. My question has to do with the Sprint PPC-6700 and how data is displayed if you go to landscape mode to type things in with the keyboard. I know APDL says landscape mode not supported but wondering what the data looks like on the screen if you go to that mode, is it still readable/workable?

And also, does it display on the screen fine when not in landscape mode?

Thanks for your help, I do appreciate it.


APDL is not designed for screen rotation, however, you are welcome to give it a try and see what the results are. I haven't tried it and know the core is not set to handle it. The new Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion that is now in development/testing will support screen rotation. We will revisit an APDL update in the future to use the newer .NET Compact Framework that supports screen rotation.