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still having problems with PPC re-install


New member
Nov 1, 2005
I too had problems with the 1.9.9 upgrade. I have removed PPC from the ipaq, removed the folder on the ipaq. Un-installed the ppc and LBP 1.9.9 from the desktop (there was still a LGB in the add/remove program, this was not touched),un-installed Active Sync. Verified the OBS user was there.
Installed Active Sync 3.8 as a guest account, re-installed LBP 1.9.9, re-installed the PPC. It copied the program over, said active sync was properly configured, but there is not access link in the Option tab or in the information area like it used to be.

Any ideas on what to try?

Neal Culiner

Founder, President
Staff member
Nov 14, 2001

You mention ActiveSync as a guest account...you may require a registered (non-guest) account for this to work, I've never personally tested or used a guest account configuration. As for why there is no Pocket Access link in your ActiveSync configuration I cannot assist. I cannot provide technical support for ActiveSync and simply don't have the answer to that problem.