Summary Bar Blues

M Young

New member
Jun 19, 2003
Summary Bar Blues,
Hello all, well I am new to the site so if this has already been asked, well I am sorry for bringing it up again.
I am trying to put in a new column heading in the Summary bar, titled Relief Officer, I went into the Options and clicked on Custom and then typed in Relief Officer under the Counter Fields. Ok, so that worked, But when it popped up onto the Summary bar it did not calculate my time, which I have, all it is showing is 0(0.0.0), so how do I get my calculated time to show up next to the new heading on the summary bar. And I do have a Relief Officer column in my logbook, please help.
My last date of entry as RO is 29 Sept 03
also I don't think thismatters, but in the Display options ofthe Default header was "Solo" I replaced that with the Custom caption of Relief Officer, thanks for looking into this.
I looked into this issue after receiving your data file. I see the Relief Officer column at the far right (just left of Remarks) however there is NO DATA in this column whatsoever. You can verify this by clicking the column header which forces a sort on this column. You need to enter data in this column and then configure the summary bar to provide you data on this specific custom column.

You also mention that you renamed the column caption of the SOLO column to Relief Officer. Although I'm unable to view your column customizations here, if that is in fact the case, you need to pick SOLO in the summary bar configuration area to view summary information on the SOLO column, regardless of what you renamed it as.

I think the bottom line is that you created a custom counter column, you need to scroll over and use this column for your data, and configure the summary bar system to provide your summary info on your custom counter column created.

Hope this Helps (HTH)