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SWA pilots using logbook pro?


New member
Jun 24, 2008
Wondering if there are any SW pilots using Logbook pro who can explain how to easily import from CWA or the Swapa logbook without buying Wbid or. Moostro. Thanks in advance!

Eric Addis

Senior Support Engineer
Staff member
Jan 18, 2003
yes, you can import your past flying from SWAPA into Logbook Pro

Download & save your flying from SWAPA in the CSV (Comma Separated) format. This is an option in a drop down menu in SWAPA. Make sure you are using your actual times as well.
Start Logbook Pro
Select FILE..IMPORT WIZARD and follow the prompts

You may also want to setup and use autofill for your Cross Country and PIC or SIC times as well during the import.

For more on the import wizard and autofill systems please reference video 9000 and 2100 respectively at the link below:

NC Software Video Library

if you need further help please email us at the helpdesk.