Switching from Palm OS to Pocket PC device


Jan 10, 2003
Hi...I am switching from a Treo 600 to a HP ipaq 6515 device and I am wondering if my licience can transfer or will I have to purchase a new licience for the Pocket PC version? Also can the data base be converted to the Pocket PC data base. If not it won't really be a problem. I was going to make the switch at the new year but if there would be a way to retain last years data in my new device it sure would be nice.

Thanks for such a great product and for all the improvement youv'e made for us UPS guys.

Rich Bucholtz
Hello Rich,

Thank you for your kind words about our APDL product. The Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms are licensed separately, and I'm sorry, they cannot share data, so there is no way to pass your Palm OS data to the Pocket PC.