Switching from Tungsten T5 to Palm Treo 700p


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Jul 7, 2007
Is it possible to use the same authentication from my Palm Tungsten T5 PDA download on my new Palm Treo 700p?

Do I need to re-purchase the licensing even though it is the same Palm platform?

If it is possible to switch without re-purchasing, can it be done if I have lost the authentication code? (Yes, I am having just a little difficulty finding that number after 2 years and moving twice as well)

I have solved my transfer issue. I luckily found my Key Code from 2 years ago and now my LP on my Treo 700p works flawlessly.

I used the following instructions I finally found below:

How do I uninstall the Logbook Pro Palm Companion

SolutionTo uninstall the Logbook Pro Palm Companion such as to remove or upgrade the software, first HotSync any data you wish to push to the PC version. Updates as well as reinstalls will remove all data from the Palm during the process.
First go to the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area and uninstall "Logbook Pro Palm Companion" then "AppForge Universal Conduit".
Then on the Palm device remove "Lbk Pro" and anything with the "ingot" in the name then also "AppForge" or "Booster".
You can now install the newer version of Logbook Pro Palm Companion to your PC then HotSync to install to your device, HotSync a second time to send your PC data down to the device.

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