Switching to Windows Mobile


Feb 3, 2008
Hi -
I've been using APDL on my Palm Centro for a few months now and love it, but just lost my phone today. If I decide to buy a phone with Windows Mobile instead of another Palm, can I use my current registration code after I install it, or do I need to repurchase the program? Thanks.

i was thinking of doing the same thing. I have been using a palm treo 650 for about 2.5 years. it has been very stable and I was considering the AT&T Tilt which runs windows mobile. Neal have you heard anything good or bad about the tilt?

I have a feeling that the palm os is slowly going to fade out.
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Hello Scott,

No, I haven't heard anything regarding the Tilt. I'm sure all of the devices on the market today are good. It's just a matter of personal preference and of course processing power if some devices are less robust than others.