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Feb 28, 2003
I'm having sync problems too. I use an iPAQ. I just downloaded the Logbook Pro trial version today. The installation on both my PC and the iPAQ went flawlessly. GREAT instructions!

ActiveSync shows Pocket Access is set to sync, and the properties reflect the Logbook Pro database. When I set the iPAQ in it's cradle, ActiveSync says it is 'looking for changes.' After a minute it says synchronized, however, log entries in the PDA cannot be found in the PC, nor can log entries in the PC be found in the PDA.

I'm using ActiveSync 3.6. What do you suggest?
I suggest registering! /forums/emoticons/smile.gif

The PDA will not sync until the PDA is registered. Purchase the PDA key code from / then enter the key code on both the PC and PDA as explained in the help file for the PDA Companions.

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OK, I purchsed the PC Pro product and installed the key on the PC...fine. I purchased the PPC product and installed the key on the PC...fine, and on the iPAQ...fine. I figured out that I had to buy a licence for Booster. I did so and installed the key for it on the PDA...fine.

I've spend $140 now and still no synky-winky. What next?
OK, I figured it out. But it's a cumbersome process. Manually sync. Open LBP, click sync. Open LP on iPAQ purge PDA database. Don't for get now, or it'll sync that stuff twice. Give me a break!

I'm used to how ActiveSync handles Outlook. I just drop it in the cradle and don't even think about it. When I leave the office I take it out of the cradle. I know all of my new contacts, notes, emails (for the last 5 days), etc. are in there. Any chance LBP will work like that? I don't care for the manual process. And you recommend I even change my other synchronizing to manual? Give me another break!

Also, when recording a logbook entry, why do you have to select an aircraft type then an aircraft ident? And the aircraft ident doesn't even give you drop down options or autofill, it has to be typed in each time. (Pain.) If you make it work based on ident from the start of the entry, then I don't have to select a type. In the aircraft setup I should be able to say N12345 is a C182. It will always be a C182; it won't ever grow into a Citation, unfortunately. So when I select N12345, I don't have to tell LBP it's a C182, it should know. Ya know?
Calm down my friend! /forums/emoticons/wink.gif

The documentation is a little wrong and conservative concerning the PPC vice the Palm:

[[*]]You can have your Sync scheme to automatic, if you so desire, just like with your Outlook data
[[*]]You do NOT need to purge the data on the PPC after an ActiveSync, it will auto-purge, unlike the Palm

The PDA's can not provide the list of Idents (N-Numbers) as with the PC as that requires the entire log file, which is not available as the Palm resources are limited and both PDA's match functionality at this time. This is however the functionality on the PC, not picking a N-Number and having a Type selected for you, so it won't work that way on the PDA either.

Yes, I know! /forums/emoticons/biggrin.gif

Neal Culiner
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