syncronizing clones


Nov 12, 2005
what a pain...

I create the clone, export the clone, import the clone, snyc the clone, and when I try to activate the clone I get a message that I need an update to take advantage of all the features.........yada yada. I back up both the master and the clone, just to be on the safe side, and when I hit the "RUN UPDATE" button I get the warning that the clone is no longer a clone. then LBP shuts down completely on its own.

I've downloaded 1.9.9 professional. activated on both computers. run the update wizard and it says there are no updates available.

windows xp

any advice?

I did a search, someone put up this link, but it just takes me to the forums

Please ensure both computers are running 1.9.9. After creating a clone from your master computer, you can either exit the sync wizard or export the clone to the .lbx file. If you export it to the lbx file, you'll need to run the sync wizard on the second computer and import the lbx file for use. If your computers are networked, simply copy the _clone.lbk file to your second computer and open it for use.

Please see this article for additional information as well as refer to the documentation on the Sync Wizard.