TAFB calculations


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Feb 4, 2007
I had a 3 day training event 4/8-4-10. I set a custom pay range in the payroll report for those dates. Total TAFB should be 54:16. That 3 day range shows 53:00. If I change the range to include the next day (which I had off), 4/8-4/11 It correctly shows 54:16. The report time day 1 was 1459 (9:01 TAFB for that day). Day 2 was 24:00. Day 3 dutied off back in base at 2115. All are local. The fact that the payroll calculator is short 1:15 makes it seem as if it is ending the day at 23:59 GMT instead of local. It says local on the top center of the pairing screen and also on the payroll report, where it says at the bottom, "times calculated to 2359 base local."

Why isn't the TAFB correct for the given range?