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The header row is too thin... cant read all the column names

Wing Twist

New member
Apr 6, 2004
Hi folks:
Just got the software but I'm not very computer savey. When I'm in the spreadsheet logbook section the top row that has all the column names is too thin... so I am unable to read the longer custom column names. How do I simply widen the row so I can see what the name of every column is. Seems real simple but not for me.

Place your mouse cursor to the right edge of the column you want to resize. You'll see the cursor change and then you can click and drag the column width. Please also take some time to review the included documentation which can be viewed by clicking Help...Contents.

Welcome to Logbook Pro. I hope you will enjoy what it has to offer in making your flight logging experience more rewarding.

I know you can re-size left and right, but how about height..? I can't find a way to do it.. I also checked the help, and the forums..