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The Motorola Q smartphone


Sep 27, 2005
Any update on the use of the new Motorola Q smartphone with Windows Mobile 5.0? Saw a recent post that said he was having problems with it. I would like to purchase a Q and load my APDL on it to consolidate my phone an pda into one device. Any updates so that I can decide whether or not to move forward with this purchase?
Hello Bryan,

We currently do not support "Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone Edition" but more importantly, our PDA apps require screen interaction. You must be able to select fields on the screen. I don't know if the dial on the side (like Blackberry) will automatically navigate fields, but our software is not designed for it. Until I can actually get my hands on a Q to test with, I am going to have to say it's not supported.

If someone wants to volunteer up their Q for a 1-2 week period and can send it to me, I'll see what I can do to support it. If anyone is interested, contact me via a sales ticket. You would need another phone to activate your Verizon service, deactivate this phone while it is made available for my testing.
The wheel on the side and the arrow keys should allow you to move between the fields relatively easily. I am able to navigate my company's crew communication system, but just can't get the program to work. The Q is a great phone!

Maybe Motorola would allow you use of one for development.
Motorola Q Problems

I carefully followed all of the instructions and still received an error message. It says, "Installation of NC Software Logbook Pro.CAB was unsuccessful. The installation file is not intended for this device". The phone is terrific and I have been able to sync it with Microsoft programs without any issues. Logbook Pro is the first glitch I have had with the phone.
For those using the Q, I updated the installation today to add the .NET CF2 with SmartPhone support. I'm interested in your feedback to see if this allows you to use your Q's.

Click here to download the updated APDL Pocket PC Edition 6.0.4.