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Time Zones


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Oct 30, 2007
Wasn’t there an option to display times as at the airport for departure and arrival.

I was just looking at my schedule for tomorrow and noticed the times are wrong. Then I realized it’s because I’m in a different time zone tomorrow.

I don’t remember always needing to do time zone math over multiple time zones in years past. I can see eventually I’m going to screw this up and be late.
Yes, the "display times in" setting under Settings/General allows for local, UTC, domicile, and custom time zone to be set. Local is the one that would display everything in the airport's time zone. Anything else will not.

EDIT: The above is accurate for APDL, inaccurate for Logbook Pro. I mistakenly thought this post was in the APDL forum. Local is device local on Logbook Pro, as Neal states below.
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Ok. Maybe I’m a rock. I couldn’t get it to display a local take off in HOU at 0600 and arrive in ATL at 0900. It comes out as DEP HOU 0600 ARR ATL 0800.

I can’t just look at the app and see my arrival/departure times without doing time zone math. And if looking at tomorrow I have to do more math to see what my trip ends since it ends in an different TZ. I have other means to look at my schedule obviously. But, to have an option to set the time in the time zone of departure and arrival is the way to go. And again, I thought this is the way it was in the beginning.


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