Trail setup


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Nov 21, 2001
Canton, Michigan, United States
Just what does a trial user need to install and register in order to try just the iPhone or Android app? Do they need to have LBP on their PC? Can they run just the app?
I tried introducing a a fellow pilot the iPhone app and he needed to sign up for a trial sync account. Problem was he didn't have LBP on his PC yet.
Hello Herb,

Yes, per the setup guide you have to have "data" to provide to the app so Logbook Pro PC edition is required. The data sent from the PC includes aircraft types, history items, custom columns, reports, and more. Please follow the documentation to get started. Logbook Pro PC requires no purchase to evaluate and use with the iPhone/iPad/Android app. Click here to go to the download page where Logbook Pro PC can be downloaded, installed, and then follow the setup guide checklist.

Thank you.