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For LBP PC edition


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APDL Beta Team
Oct 30, 2007
Ok, this isn't for iOS, but I didn't want to throw a negative out for the general public.

I just printed out the 8710 so I could renew my CFI. The 8710 in LBP is 4-00, but the one on IACRA is from 14.

I had to ship my dinosaur off to the PC repair guy, so I had to borrow a computer to use LBP. I hope it was the current version...

I would love to throw another $100 at you, but I checked the App Store and I couldn't find a MAC version there. Maybe I missed it. :eagerness:
Oh, and there are a ton of new categories that can be filled in on IACRA that are not extracted from LBP. And with the new requirements for the ATP these times WILL have to be logged and filled into IACRA in order to get the rating.

See disclaimer above.
the next update is going to remove the 8710 "form" and just spit out the numbers for you. It's on the list to review as it was brought to our attention a newer form came out.

I'm sorry you missed the Mac release, it released but sold out so fast :)