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trouble with find dialog & airport ID's


Nov 20, 2002
I'm a little confused with this find dialog - it's not the most user-friendly, or intuitive...

I would like to search my logbook for a particular airport ID. When I fly a day with multiple legs I usually log all the legs in one entry, so the route reads eg "LUK ROA RDU BMG LUK". Now using the find dialog, if I want to find occurrences of ROA in my logbook, it won't score a hit on this particular entry, because ROA occurs in the middle of the string. If I were looking for LUK, it would find this entry.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround? Or a trick that I don't' know?

Also, howexactly are the "partial match" and "soundex" options in the find dialog supposed to work - can't find any documentation on them... ??

Karl von Valtier
LBP 1.8.9

Karl W. von Valtier
Hi Karl,

Try searching on *ROA*

Thanks Neal, that did the trick.

Stil curious what a "soundex" is though... Is there documentation I'm not finding somewhere?


Karl W. von Valtier