Unknown airport id's


Oct 23, 2005
I have a few flights into and out of Canada, and Route Browser doesnt recognize the Airport registry. Is this a limitation of routebrowser, is it US only?

Also, I have some flights into airports that the ID has changed since, and also some flights into airports that IDs have JUST changed, and routebrowser get confused with these too.

Is the solution just to add these ID's into my database with the coordinates of the airports?
The airports database is U.S. only. All international airports must be entered manually. Look in the help file for instructions and the correct format for lat/long coordinates.
You can use this site to get the lat/lon and airport name info:

Just replace the last three letters of that URL with the three letter airport code.

It shows the lat/lon in format:
Latitude:17°59'49"N (17.997000) Longitude:92°49'02"W (-92.817361)
You would convert it to this for use in Route Browser:
Latitude:17-59-49N Longitude:92-49-02W