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Tungsten T2


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Apr 19, 2003
Dear Neal,

I want to bought the New Tungsten T2 Palm with O.S. 5.2.1. I wonder if that Handheald is compatible with your PDA Companion Support. Can I use the Palm with the HotSync Option to syncronize my Logbook ?

Best Regards
Hi Timo,

The best way to see if your device is supported is to reference the PDA Supported Devices list. I can tell you that as of this writing the OS 5 is NOT supported. However, I do know AppForge is working on final details of this support as well as other Tungsten models (W) support. So, hopefully it IS coming, but not at the moment. And as usual, I know of NO timelines for the proposed support OS 5.

Thank you Neal. </div>
I hope AppForge will work on this issue quick ! Your Logbook on the Tungsten Device is a really great combination !</div>
Have a good day !</div>