Unable to sync my APDL to LBP


Nov 27, 2005
I just changed from a palm based to a windows mobile based smartphone. Now when I try to sync my logbook. A box keeps popping open asking for my "Hotsync" and to have Palm 6.0 software installed....

How do i get it to stop looking for the palm software and recognize the windows mobile software ?


Assuming you are using Logbook Pro 1.10.23, start the PDA Wizard. If you are first shown the APDL configuration page, click the BACK button to go to the start page and now select APDL Pocket PC Companion from the four PDA choices. If necessary, click the Activate button to activate your APDL-PPC license so you can proceed with the PDA Wizard beyond the first page.
When 'PDA Wizard" is pressed, the following message appears. It does not take me to any configuration page, and after this msg appears i have to CTRL-ALT-DEL to get LBP to even close. It appears for some reason it is looking for my old Palm Hotsync. the message that comes up is as follows:

HotSync Error... "HotSync not found or no Palm Usernames created. Please ensure HotSync is running and APDL-Palm OS 6 or later is installed."
I am running Logbookpro version 1.10.23
and ADPL version 6.0.3
My APDL is registered on my LBPro and the above msg still appears... nothing but that msg comes up
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my APDL is registered on logbook pro... and it still brings up the above listed message when i push "PDA Wizard"
Ok now the problem seems to be: When I now open Logbook pro it opens fine but the data that comes up is "shaded" and I cannot add or change any of the information.