unable to use Colgan Air importer


New member
Nov 8, 2005

I have been trying to utilize the schedule importer for Colgan Air. We are using the Sabre system and I go to your directions and it says, "See Generic PDF" something er other directions. Well, it seems very vague to say the least. Please help me in figuring out how I paste and copy over the schedule so that I can use this program with ease.

Thank you
I did that, but since I am copying over from our bid packet on the PDF file... that seems the only way it will work. It does not give the correct days and or dates then. Also, it would be nice to log in to the sabre system and have it copied and brought over on to the filter.

Is there any way to get the entire months schedule listed in the PDA?

Thanks again!!
You can import each trip at a time to get the full months schedule in. For your date issue, it depends on the format of the trip. The crewtrac format is intended for bidlines and doesn't always begin on a specific date therefore it doesn't import a date. If it is a modified pairing format, then it will import the date. You will have to open a work order with us to show us the format you are using.