Unlimted narrative section


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Aug 29, 2003
I am a current user of FL2002. There are several features in this logbook program that swayed my decision to originally purchase it. Most have already been posted in this forum as wish list items. I'm looking forward to seeing them.</div>
One feature that I haven't seen mentioned, but I would like to see, is the ability to write a narrative or remark of unlimited size. FL2002 also has thiscapability as well as the capability to show these narratives on a separate line below the other information in that entry. My frustration comes from the fact that FL2003 does not allow the ability to write a narrative or remark of unlimited size and it seems as though much of what I have already written will be lost if I upgrade. Is there any possibility that a narrative of unlimited size could be included in the upcoming version of your Logbook Pro software? I’m looking forward to seeing and purchasing the final product.</div>
ditto: Keyboard stroke entries (no mouse), times in HH:MM</div>
That particular element has not been designed yet, and I cannot promise anything. However, with exception of a few limitations this feature imposes (sorting), I'll see what I can do. We are making a few major database strategy decisions right now and we may very well be able to support this with no side-effects. So, feature suggestion noted, let me see what I can do.