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Mar 10, 2006
I purchased logbook pro, and when I go to activate it, the "buynow" flashes, and "evaluate"flashes, but it won't allow me to click on the "activate" button, even after I enter my name, my activation code, and my email address. There was someone else with the similar problem, but the only advice was to click on "activate", which doesn't work...
Please submit a support ticket including the product purchased, name and key code issued, and e-mail address you are using.


1) Ensure you are registering the exact product purchased
2) Copy and Paste the information as issued on your invoice
3) Reboot and Retry when presented with the login screen
4) Logbook Pro's PDA Companion and Airline Pilot's Daily Aviation logbook are sometimes confused. Make sure you are using the correct product vs. the unlock code purchased.
I am having the same problem with my CD version. Any other options besides hitting the Activate button that doesn't work?? Did you get any other answers from them?

it actually ended up working by doing what the previous thread said. I think the key was to enter the email address and tab out of that box. good luck.