Unlock Code


May 15, 2005
I purchased the PDA Companion for my Samsung i760 just now thru Sporty's. However neither the website transaction page nor the email receipt conatined the unlock code. Is this something that has to come from you or will this be a later email from Sporty's? Thanks.

OK, I received my unlock code and entered it into the PDA as well as entering it into the PC software. The PC software lists the PDA as being licensed on one of the opening splash screens, the PDA says the software is licensed as well. But they won't sync. When I click PDA...Launch PDA Wizard I get error messages. First it says no PDA detected or that the software is running. Neither is the case. The software is shutdown and I am connected via Active Sync. Then it asks if I'm running 1.9.9. I am not. I downloaded and installed the PDA software yesterday. Then it says I have no data to sync. I have 12 years of data to sync. What's the secret?
I was watching your video and there is one difference I see. My Active Sync does not have Pocket Access listed. How does this get installed?
Pocket Access is not required for the latest version of Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion. Are you using "AirlineLog" or "Logbook Pro" on your Pocket PC? Realize these are two completely different products. Please fill out a support ticket including your registration information and we'll be able to assist further.