Update button not functioning correctly


Sep 10, 2007

I just upgraded to 1.10.36. Running LBP on VMWare Fusion on a Macbook Pro.

When I make a new entry after starting LBP and then click the update button the entry will disappear. The flight time totals don't update, and the flight I entered simply ceases to exist. It happens every time I open LBP, but will stop after re-entering the information 1-3 times. This is in the spreadsheet view. I don't know if it happens in the "windows" view.
This is a known issue. Realize though you do NOT need to click that button. Make your changes and move off the row and they are saved automatically. We will have this issue fixed in the next update which may simply entail removing the button as it's not necessary.
I'm not able to move off the line. It will let me work on that line, but unless I hit update it gets stuck there.