Update Manager/Installshield problem ?

Mar 15, 2004
I believe the Installshield Update Manager may be the root cause of the following problem but I have not had the time to analyze it further.Perhaps you already know what the root cause is.</o:p>
I have both the Logbook Pro and AVCataloger products, latest versions. Some time ago I noticed that each program was slow to start on occasion. Eventually I noticed that either product was in fact running but no application screen was available and a subsequent attempt to start would generate a message that the application was already running.Looking at the task manager, I could see the task/process (either or both products) running. Attempts to maximize from the Task Bar fails to maximize the application.</o:p>
Eventually, I reviewed the WindowsXP Event log and noticed two events: 1001 and 1004. A little research and I found that these events are created when the Windows MsiInstaller attempts to reload a missing component/feature. Why were these messages appearing suddenly? With WindowsXP SP2 (installed recently), the Installer was updated.</o:p>
I then noticed that the Installshield Update Manager could not connect to the Internet. It did work at one point and I have not been able to get it to connect, probably since SP2. I have disabled the firewall (Symantec) and the antivirus (Symantec) with no improvement. I also uninstalled and reinstalled AVCataloger and Logbook Pro. I eventually renamed the Installshield directories under my user profile and Program Files\Common Files to force the reloading of the update Manager. No change.</o:p>
I believe the reason both products are slow to start ON OCCASION is due to the Internet connection being available. If I block the Internet connection, both products start up immediately. I noticed when both products start; agent.exe (Installshield Update Service Agent) is loaded. This would seem a likely suspect. In fact, if the Internet connection is available and either product is started, stopping the agent.exe process leads to the application becoming available. </o:p>
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Thank you for your detailed post. We are aware of the Update Service in use by both Logbook Pro and AVCataloger to provide background update processing can be the cause of slow startups, especially for those using Zone Alarm Pro. That's why the latest versions have the option of disabling the background update feature should this issue arise. In Logbook Pro, you'll see the option at the bottom of Options...Backup and in AVCataloger under Tools...Preferences. Do not enable background updates.

I am aware of the event log entries, this is due to 'MSI Advertising' which is the self-healing system of MSI. It is going to be disabled in the new round of updates coming in mid-January. Also the new version of the Update service is due out any day, so I'm holding the new updates awaiting that to hopefully resolve some of these issues.

With the next major updates to Logbook Pro and AVCataloger, I am not planning on using the Update service as I am in the processing of building my own implementation. This is an interim solution to allow background updating.

Thank you again for your great post on this issue. Again, it can be resolved by simply disabling the background updating as noted above.

Thanks for the speedy reply. I await the updates.

With respect to AVCataloger, I have disabled backgound update as you indicated. However, agent.exe is still loaded and, if my Internet connection is up, AVCataloger is still slow to start. I simply block the Internet connection (a standard when not needed in my house)when I first start AVCataloger then enable it if I need it.

Again, thanks.