Version: 1.10.19 PPC Sync Problem


May 21, 2006
After installing Version: 1.10.19 I am no longer able to sync data from the PC to the PPC (it did work in 1.10.0). I have reactivated my licenses but in the PDA Wizard I see "No Data to Sync". ActiveSync shows a database error.

Please advise.


It sounds like you have the old version of the Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion installed. There are no database connections in ActiveSync any longer. You can clear the checkbox on Pocket Access and/or select Pocket Access, then click Settings and remove the database entry that it is trying to sync with.

Uninstall Logbook Pro Pocket PC Companion from the Windows Control Panel Add/Remove programs area. Then also go to Tools...Add/Remove programs in ActiveSync and remove anything with "Logbook Pro" in the name. Lastly, on the Pocket PC in File Explorer, delete the /Program Files/Logbook Pro folder. Download and install the latest Pocket PC Companion software from our web site and install.

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Thank you.