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VM Ware fusion upgrade/migration question


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Feb 4, 2007
I currently run fusion 7 with Windows XP on my iMac. Planning to upgrade to fusion 8 and I guess I will have to also upgrade to some newer form of Windows, since XP will prob not work for future versions of LBP, that will HOPEFULLY have APDL sync. Should that be Windows 10? I assume I will have to create a new virtual machine, prob can't "upgrade" XP to 10. How do I migrate the LBP program and data files to the new virtual machine? Any advice? Will I need to call VMware?
I'm not sure if VMware fusion 8 will run XP or not, but if it does, you don't have to reinstall Windows or create a new virtual machine. The update will just happen to VMware without affecting Windows. (At least that was my experience upgrading from fusion 7 to 8 with Windows 10).

As for transferring Logbook pro, all you need is a backup file stored somewhere safe and your activation code(s) and you can start right where you left off. There are a few other detailed configuration settings you can copy over if you're interested. All that is explained here http://nc-software.com/?kb=8
Neal has indicated that when APDL sync is released it will be in a major new version of LBP that will not run on Windows XP, so I think I will have to upgrade. Also, based on numerous inquiries, it appears that this might not happen until sometime around the next ice age.
I assume I will have to create a new virtual machine, prob can't "upgrade" XP to 10.
Upgrade to Win10 can only be done from 7,8 or 8.1. You can run Win10 for free if you opt-in to their Insider program. This, however, puts your OS on the bleeding edge with raw - generally untested - updates that happen frequently. You can read more here:
You shouldn't have to upgrade XP though just because of upgrading the VM. In fact, why upgrade the VM at all unless it won't run on your OSX version. If it ain't broken, don't mess with it.

Do what Andy suggested but in addition to exporting your backup you can simply copy your logbook file to a USB or over to your Mac if you have that ability set in the VM. I'd personally make two or three copies and have them all on separate media until I got the new OS and LBP running, you never know when something is going to happen to your computer or storage.
Windows 10 is solid as a rock, XP will not be supported in the next Logbook Pro Desktop update. You can easily backup a VM by shutting down Windows and just copying the VM to a USB thumb drive, external drive, etc. On all of our Macs we have 1 or 2 TB external drives velcro'd to the back and we use time machine but we exclude VMWare VM's and back them up manually as they would make time machine backups large.