Web based version


Sep 1, 2008
To solve the ongoing debate ... when will you get a mac version. Could LBPro become a web based application. Then it would work on a PC, Mac, iPhone or whatever has access to the web.

Just an idea?
Great idea. Plus they could store our .bak files on-line for ultimate data protection. A web-based app would be the way to go. I could use my Palm Pre!!!
horrible idea, as soon as you go web based it goes monthly fee. I want the app and my data ON MY MACHINE. if some want the OPTION great, but the second these become requirements, I'll no longer be a customer.

Palm is on the verge of losing my business with the requirements that my personal/contacts data be on some server somewhere that I have no control over and I can guarantee at some point will be a fee for service, after I can't go backwards, with the introduction of the Pre.
I agree with NO FEES! I might be tuned to logging onto the web to update my logbook if the data file stays on my machine or a thumb drive. But I don't want my data somewhere that makes me pay a monthly fee or is floating around in someone elses ocean.

But, it seems this would be a great way to make sure everyone is using the most current version. If you read the forums a lot of people have issues because they simply have the OLD version.

I'm anti-gov't and like my data in my hands!