Windows PDA with Vista?


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Jun 24, 2005
I've been posting on LBP support and think i have all that squared away.
Now i'm doing the PDA. I hooked it up to the new computer and it seemed to have downloaded Windows Mobile Device Center automatically. Although, should I click "Set Up Device" or "Connect without setting up device". I dont want everything to be erased that is on my PDA.
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Hello Richard,

The configuration of the Windows Mobile in Vista is outside the scope of our support, we can only advise you on the use of our software. Once you have everything installed you can enter dummy info then sync to your PC to test and ensure the data is being transferred.
I did the set up the device and everything seemed to go well. Except that after it did its thing it, somehow a days flight disappeared from the PDA. Any ideas? Could it be some settings that were not set up in LBP?
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No, it should have nothing to do with Logbook Pro, it just adds what comes in via the PDA Wizard. I'd check the specifics of the "missing" flight and see that it meets the criteria as "flown" that Logbook Pro requires. You can also try deleting and re-adding it if that's feasable or manually adding it to Logbook Pro and move on and see if all is well from here.
I think I have it solved. I didn't activate the liscense when I put it on the new computer.
Sorry for the trouble!!!!