Windows Phone 7


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Dec 7, 2011
Please for the love of all thigs holy develop a windows phone 7 app. I bought my first smart phone which was a windows mobile phone mostly because I could put Logbook Pro on it. It worked great! Now I love the Windows Phone 7 and refuse to do as society tells me and get a lesser OS in the IOS or android world. I am not a developer and I may be speaking out of ignorance but I believe that Microsoft has released some software to help convert android and or iphone apps over to the Windows Phone platform. I have also read that other major developers said that it took around 40% less time to develop the app for the Windows Phone 7 plus you will have Windows 8 coming out next year and will be on many tablets so your app can possible work on that as well.

Thank you!
Hi Gerard,

We are hearing great things about the latest Windows Phone 7 update and we're considering porting our app to Windows Phone 7. We are watching the adoption rate of the new platform and with the latest feedback we are more and more interested. It takes a few months but we may just pull the trigger and move forward sooner than later. If you're not subscribed to our newsletters you may want to do so here to get notified of our call for beta testers and release info.
Thanks for the reply. I am a subscriber to the news letter and would love to be a beta tester for the app!
I also am interested in a Windows Phone 7.5 app! I'll sign up right now for the Newsletter to help beta test.

Hi Rick,

We don't have plans for 7.5 at this time as we're waiting for the upcoming v8 release from Microsoft. There's no reason for us to invest the resources at this time for a presumably small user base and also with a new OS coming soon.

Thank you for your understanding.
I was wondering if you guys are going to port a version of the app over to Windows Phone 8 now? I think that the phone has gained enough traction to warrant an app now. I know several people that would be interested in it. It would make the log book pro experience complete for me.

Thank you,
still 8.1 out a while now and still beats Apple IOS and Adroid hands down. Any word or time frame on this going forward???