Wireless LAN


Dec 20, 2002
How, or is it possible, to sync logbook on a desktop and logbook on laptop, over a Wireless Network?

Attempts to copy one file after saving on laptop and downloading to disk then loading to the other PC is a long process and was also unsuccessful.

The main point would be too sync like the hot sync with palm pilot and logbook.

Thanks, Just purchased program; I am still figuring out all of its potential.

I am not familiar with wireless networks, however, if it's transparent that it's wireless (no pun intended) and you are able to see files on the other system via Windows Explorer as if it was a normal network, I'm not sure what the problem may be.

You should be able to use the Sync wizard to map to the network path\file and select it for sync. Wireless networks have not been tested, so I can't say for sure.

Now, a few other ideas that may help you out. If you are using both computers simultaneously, then yes, the Sync wizard is the option. If not, i.e. you use the Home computer then go on a trip, use the laptop, then come home to the home computer, I recommend a different plan, which doesn't require the sync functionality.

Before you leave on your trip, create a backup of your logbook (File...Archive...Backup) and transfer this backup to your laptop computer, which is acceptable under the Pro and Enterprise licenses. From your laptop computer, restore the backup file (File...Archive...Restore) and use that file. Do the same when returning, backup the laptop, transfer the backup file and restore to the home (desktop) computer. This will make it much faster on your wireless configuration as the backup file is extremely compressed vice the normal operating data file.


Neal Culiner
NC Software, Inc.