Would like to use my laptop


Nov 16, 2007
I am transferring my logbooks to LBP. I would like to use my laptop tonight as I have a 50 hour layover in Kuwait with nothing to do. I currently have LBP installed only on my desktop. Anyway to make this happen?

Thank you,
Hello Brian,

If you have Logbook Pro Professional Edition you can install on two computers for the use of one pilot's logbook. If you have the Standard Edition you can upgrade your license to the Professional Edition for $39 by clicking here. For any further questions regarding your inquiry and licensing, please submit a support ticket and we'll gladly assist you further.
That's no good for me. The laptop has Vista on it. I don't want to go through all that trouble. I just want to do some data entry on the laptop and transfer it to my desktop LBP (standard.) My laptop is not the long term solution for my logbook. Just have 11 years and 5000 hours left to transfer. Any other solutions?

You could always enter your flights into an spreadsheet. When you are done entering the flight save the spreadsheet in a Tab Delimited text file. You could then import the spreadsheet data from your laptop into Logbook pro on your desktop.