2015 Calendar Integration


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Jul 30, 2013

I have imported my Jan 2015 schedule into my logbook pro mobile app. For some reason it has defaulted the dates in my calendar and the app to Jan 2014, once I fixed this I still found the flight logged on the dates in Jan 2014 and for some reason it will not add them to Jan 2015.

Anyone else having this problem? If so what is the solution

Ok, we use CrewTrac and we do not put the year into any of our pairings. If I were to do this manually where would I do so?
Here is an example of a pairing:
26 JAN T4513 /0126 POS CA DAY 01 REPORT 0545
0401 YTZ YUL 0645 0755
0408 YUL YTZ 0830 0940
0633 YTZ YQT 1020 1230
D-END 1245 BLKT 0430 TCRD 0430
TDTY 0700 LYOV 1655 YQT
Also I have updated the dates within the mobile app to the correct year and it does not put the flights onto the correct date....shouldnt this work as well?
The date in the mobile app is separate from the date of the OOOI times entered. You need to update the date in the schedule importer prior to importing to fix this issue.
Thanks for the replies. I will trty importing the flights again. If no joy I will wait to Jan 1st