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Actual block times of each leg and then the total for the day


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May 26, 2014
So my block time this last trip is showing the same as credit. Look at the actual block times of each leg and then the total for the day. They don't add up!

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Check again after you update to APDL 7.0.6. It is much improved. If they still don't match check your payroll settings. You may have it set up with a duty rig or something.
I still had this problem with the latest build.

I'm an hour short on total block vs what the numbers should add up too.

This bug is still out there.
Still broken. At least the daily Block totals = Actual. But the trip Block totals are still showing SCHEDULED. I am only doing 1 day trips. Have not tried it with multi-day trips. This is with the new build.