Add Flight Segment Bug?


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Nov 19, 2004

I have included a couple of screenshots to illustrate an issue I had today...

I added a RAP SCR on 22 NOV 14 from 0400-1600 as originally planned. I was then assigned flying to do consisting of a round trip IAH-AUS. I manually added the first flight segment which entered fine. When I went to add the second flight segment (AUS-IAH), it randomly changed the flight date for that segment to 21 NOV 14, along with the report date and time and I cannot find a way to change the date back to 22 NOV.

Interestingly, if I create the segments first then add the RAP times afterwards, it's ok.
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There is not the ability to change the dates. Take a look at your times, I am betting you entered local times in the UTC boxes or vice versa. This would have then changed the date on you. You will need to delete the leg and add a new segment on the desired day.

Check your settings in the app to set your desired method of entering times. Settings>General>Time Zones
There is not the ability to change the dates. Take a look at your times, I am betting you entered local times in the UTC boxes or vice versa. This would have then changed the date on you. You will need to delete the leg and add a new segment on the desired day.

Check your settings in the app to set your desired method of entering times. Settings>General>Time Zones

No, I entered them in the correct boxes. I was able to recreate the issue though after you said something. When I click to add the second segment, it has 0400 local as the scheduled out time already preselected with the correct date listed under the time box. When I changed the time to 1722 local, it changed the date back to 21 NOV. I can change it back to 22 NOV, just wondering why it changes the date?
I recreated your day on one of my blank days in Feb just to test. It was successful. Here are my steps:

  1. Schedule screen
  2. Tap your desired day that has the SCR
  3. Tap Short-call reserve RAP
  4. Enter 0400-1600 for the RAP duration and save
  5. Tap Edit on the top right
  6. Tap Add Segment or the blank grey row to add the first flight
  7. Change the payroll to Short-call Reserve and enter the flight info, then save
  8. Tap the Add Segment button again and enter the return leg
  9. Tap Done on the top right
Thanks, those are the exact steps I am following. My issue is popping up in step 8. Like I said, when entering the times under local, it shows 0400 by default, with the correct date listed underneath the time. When I change the default 0400 scheduled out time to 1722, it changes the date underneath the time back a day, to where I have to reselect the correct date. I can fix it by reselecting the correct date, just wondering why it chooses to change the date in the first place. My settings are set to enter all times in local.

This is more of an FYI now than something I cannot work around. It's also a caution to other users to check to make the sure the date doesn't change when you enter times.

Thanks for your help.
What do you have on the 20th? You are showing 12 hours of rest. Just curious if something from the day before could be affecting the 21st.
I have airport reserve each day on 18, 19 and 20 from 0630 to 1430. I then have SCR on the 21st 0400-1600. The segments I am adding are actually on the 22nd. When it back dates the second segment then it interferes with my RAP on the 21st. But I have learned just to watch the date under the time entry and change it back to the right date if it pulls a fast one on me :)
Image 1 and 2 in your OP do not match. The first (I'm assuming this is the one you pressed Edit), shows your desired date of 22NOV14 in the header. The second screenshot shows 21NOV14. Something is amiss. Not sure if it's user error or app-related.
Ok, I did some testing and here is what I found out:

1. Add a SCR to any day
2. Click edit
3. Click add a flight segment
4. Enter any flight number, departure, destination you want

When you go to enter the scheduled out time, if you enter any time prior to 22:01 Z, the date selector right under the time will reflect the correct date. If you enter 2201Z or anytime after that, it will immediately change the date selector to the previous day. As soon as you change the time back to before 2201Z, it will change the date back to the correct date.

It does not happen if you try to add segments to a "duty time" or a "long call reserve" or a "airport reserve", it only happens when you go to add segments to a short call reserve period. It doesn't appear to matter what you enter as your start and finish times for the RAP...I tried several different ones.

Try it and see if you can replicate it.
@Neal Culiner

I can confirm this. I've never entered my SCR flights in UTC so I've never experience this. @raysalmon is correct, changing the time within the UTC blocks will switch between days depending on what time you select, it does not stay fixed on the desired flight day. It does work correctly if you input only in Local - it will change the UTC time/date appropriately.

@raysalmon - you can also tap the arrows below the UTC time entry block to change the date, see if that fixes your issue in the interim.
Actually, I have the same problem entering the flights in local. Whatever corresponding local time pops it over that 2200Z time will change the date too. That's how I originally found the problem.

And yes, changing the date back does fix it, but you have to be watching for it!
We went through several iterations of this during testing to get it to the point we have now where we believe it is working best. There is a certain point where APDL assumes the time entered is on the previous/next date and automatically sequences the date for you. As you've said, you can manually change the date after this happens if it is not correct for you.

I suspect this is a rare case where the times you are entering are at just the right spot that it's beyond the cutoff point where APDL sequences the date. I don't believe you will continue to see this problem consistently in all of your schedules.

The alternative problem that we are trying to avoid, is if it didn't automatically sequence for you, and you entered a flight from 2200 to 0030, both of those times would be on the same date and it causes an error since In can't be before Out.

Yes we could disable the sequencing and then you'd be forced to manually set the date for ALL time entries, but we strive to reduce the number of taps required for entries to increase speed of entry and improve the user experience. We found in multiple iterations of testing that using the sequencing was much better 95% of the time.

The point is, there has to be a cutoff point for this sequencing and I think your case just happens to be on the edge of that.

Thanks for for taking the time to explain that. What you said certainly makes sense. I think part of the reason I mentioned it is because it did not appear to be consistent, only when adjusting SCR periods, and not others. I can certainly live with watching the auto sequencing and making adjustments where necessary. Hopefully this discussion will prove useful to others who may run into the same issue.
For what it's worth, yes it does help someone like myself who hasn't gotten it yet. Every little hurdle or pothole you hit and tell us about is one we can avoid. Hopefully we can all help each other out learning to use the new program. Thanks.