Aircraft import


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APDL Beta Team
Sep 16, 2008
I'm flying with a fellow pilot who imports their completed schedule from CrewTrac directly into LBP-Desktop. CrewTrac recently changed the type of aircraft from ERJ175 to E76. Consequently her autofill no longer works because despite setting aircraft to the autofill ERJ175 - it still makes the aircraft a E76.

I suggested creating a new autofill for the E76 but she will still need to go back to change the aircraft type in the logged lines.

1. Is there a filter she can create that will recognize E76 as a ERJ175?
2. Why is setting the aircraft type not being respected during import?
1. No
2. "Default Type" is used when the imported data does not contain the type info. Some schedule formats do include it and we do parse it. They are odd names for types, such as you pointed out, CRJ2 etc. We need to evolve the system in future updates to give the user a choice of not using the schedule provided type data as some just don't want this being imported and created in Options/Aircraft etc. I'll log a case for this now.

She will need to add a new type AutoFill rule for the new type, she can change the type in the log as desired which would not change the logged times.