Another printing problem


New member
Nov 4, 2006
Denver, CO
Neal, I searched but couldn't find an answer: when I select Premier/Old-World Binder Split Leather Flight Log Report, I'm getting 27 lines of data per page on the left side, but only 21 lines of data on the right pages. What's going on, and how can I get the two sides to marry up? I'm running 1.10.25.

Thanks, Dan

It sounds like you have a margin issue. This may have been carried forward from a prior version where this was a bug and you simply need to reset the page setup settings. Run the report, then you'll see two toolbars, one specific to the "left" tab then one above it in the report window which applies to the entire report. Seven buttons from the left on the toolbar you'll see a white notepad with a hand, hover the mouse over this and you'll see the hint "Modify Report Options" then click it and choose the bottom option to reset page setup settings. Close the report, then re-run it and see if the problem is corrected.
Thanks Neal - I had to do it twice, but it seems to have settled out at 19 lines per logbook page. The first time I followed your instructions, it came out at 19 for the left, 21 for the right. It looks fine now, but in the future when I run this report will it give me the 19 lines or something different? Seems like a bug...
It "was" a bug in a prior version and if you made any changes to the page setup in the past in the split-reports area and experience this issue you'll need to reset the page setup. Sounds like you're all set now.