Another Time zone Question


Sep 18, 2006
So i just put my november schedule in to my treo 700p. Im 99.9% certain that i have the time zones for the cities set right, but when you look at any place that is not in my base timezone it entered it wrong, and there are time problems. I import schedule with the base timezone. I work for Chautauqua and use Bidlines filter. Just wondering if there is something i can do to fix this problem.


Double Check your "Timezone Settings" preferences which should have "Apply
Daylight Savings" checked under both "Logbook" and "Domicile" timezones if
they are not set to Zulu. "Import Schedules In ?" should be set to "Local".
"Daylight Savings is in effect" should be un-checked.

For each airport in your "Airport List" make sure you have a valid (non
daylight savings) UTC value (LGA UTC-5), and "Apply Daylights Savings"
checked if applicable (uncheck for Arizona Airports that do not participate
in Daylight Savings).

Re-import your future trips to correct times.

Fly Safe!

Paul Auman
APDL Development Team
NC Software, Inc.
Hey paul, i was pretty certain that is how i set it up, and i just checked. I use the CHQ (Bidlines) importer and anytime i import if the city isn't in the same time zone as me (my base CMH UTC-5 no DST) they show up incorrectly. I know that the logbook time zone was i believe at the default for a bit and then i changed it (i dont remember what the default is to change it back) and i know it says not to change it. Could that have something to do with it? I have found if i upload in "local" then i get even crazyier entires so i have been using 'base' instead. I have logbook pro too is there a way to completely remove ADPL from my palm and reinstall it? Thats just another idea.