Any word on APDL for iPhone?


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Jan 8, 2011
Well, the last update was over 1 year ago. Any update on APDL for iPhone and/or Android? My palm pilot is slowly dying, and will need a replacement soon. LBP mobile is not adequate for us 121 pilots.

i could not find the thread on facebook.. i think alot of us customers who purchase several products are amiss about either a better version of the current iphone app or APDL for iphone. I too am carrying a Treo around with me and trying the iphone app. Specifically, these are some of the major issues with the new app versus APDL:

Airport info
Oconus/Conus rate
Delay column
Monthly look, daily look
Required rest
Payroll summary
Auto fill AC

This lack of any real progress, coupled with the evasive answers to our questions is starting to make us lose faith. When my ancient palm Pilot dies, I guess I'll have no choice but to switch to Logten pro.
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This lack of any real progress, coupled with the evasive answers to our questions is starting to make us lose faith. When my ancient palm Pilot dies, I guess I'll have no choice but to switch to Logten pro.

I'm right there with ya PC, along with hunderds like us. Now that I'm no longer in the freight game, I'm getting tired of waiting and wasting money.
My palm m500 is on its death bed (my Win phone has crapped out long ago) and I'm getting tired of throwing money at the Palm when it doesn't even support 117!!!

APDL for iOS is a myth.

And I'm starting to think that if it's taking this long for a release, that whatever they do put out won't work right.
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APDL for iOS is going to be a fantastic tool. Neal and his crew have coded the heck out of this app. I'm one of the 60+ airlines pilots working hard on testing APDL for iOS. There is a great team of developers behind this and I can tell you for a fact it is real and it is awesome.

Neal has told us an announcement is coming out soon that will update you with the final status of APDL. As of today, Neal has released Release Candidate 2 which is typically the revision that is released for testing before an app goes "Gold". I think you'll be happy with the news.

APDL is what we've all been waiting for and it will be a great tool for those flying under FAR 117. It is no myth, APDL is nearly ready for the masses!




Thanks Diedrich, and we should have an announcement tomorrow to update everyone.

Thanks Neal and DG for the response.

I hope you can appreciate our frustrations though. FAR117 has been the law for a year now and NC-Software has been promising APDL for iOS for nearly three years now.
I loved what APDL used to do for me. But I'm just tired of putting money into a platform just to keep it running an app that is just a glorified logbook app now.
I completely understand where you are coming from. Please understand, though, that this 117 stuff is seriously complicated when it comes to dozens of airlines doing it slightly different and then just when you think you've got normal line trips figured out, then you add in RSV. As beta testers we have thrown them some HUGE curveballs but they just about have it ironed out.

I gave up on my Dell Axim Windows PDA years ago. I was tired of carrying it around. I switched to the LBP app as soon as I got my first smartphone 3 (maybe 4) years ago. LBP app has served me just fine for logging my flight time especially since the original APDL doesn't support current duty regs anyways. For what it's worth, even as beta testers, we have to use the LBP app because APDL for iOS does not yet have the desktop sync turned on yet. This is of course a flight log data-safety issue in case something during app testing borked our flight time logging. Desktop sync will be turned on with the initial APDL iOS release, I believe.
How will we import all of our previously logged APDL data into the new App for look back? In my case I have 12 years of ADPL data on my palm, (although for 365 look back I only need the prev year) and I sync it to LBP on an iMac running Windows XP on VMware. I don't have cloud service yet, since I was waiting for APDL to purchase that. I don't want to import LBP data, since it includes non-airline flying, just the APDL data. How will this work? Will I first export to the cloud, or will I somehow be able to get the palm files from the Windows part of my Mac to the iPad app. Will I be able to run the app on 2 iPad and an iPhone? Is it iPhone 6 ready?