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apdl sync problem


New member
Aug 17, 2006
I just purchased Logbook pro, and have been using APDL for years. I can't get the APDL to sync with Logbook Pro, to get the data on APDL into LP. It gives me an error message telling me to make sure the APDL is registered both on the device and in LP, which it is. What's going on?

Make sure you have the latest versions of both Logbook Pro and APDL as listed here. Your APDL v6 license code must also be activated within Logbook Pro under the PDA menu, or by clicking the Activate button on the first screen of the PDA Wizard.

If you require assistance with license information, please submit a ticket via our help desk.

I have current versions of both APDL and LP. Both licenses were activated at the same time, as I had to purchase a new version of APDL at the same time as LP. In fact, I've activated the APDL license 3 times. So, why does it keep giving me the error message?
1) Make sure APDL v6 is installed on your device by clicking Options...About, also a place you can check to make sure it shows that it is registered.

2) When running the PDA Wizard and viewing the APDL Configuration page, make sure you have the correct Palm username selected.
Still won't sync

APDL is version 6.0.4

It also tells me the APDL sync engine is 1.4

Registration name and sync name are the same, and there is only one PDA on the computer. Any other ideas? I'm starting to pull my hair out...
As you have verified you are using APDL 6.0.4, go to the preferences area and make a small change so the preferences file gets "dirtied" and will sync to the PC on next HotSync. Then HotSync again, pay attention to which hotsync username you are using with this device. Run the PDA Wizard again, make sure you have the exact same Palm username selected and see if that works. If not, please fill out a support ticket and include the following folder, zipped for my review:

C:\Program Files\palmOne\{Your Palm Username}\Backup