Appearance issue


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Feb 4, 2007
This is a purely cosmetic issue, but notice what happens when you scroll up through the top status line on the iPhone:



ADPL text overlaps the time on the top of the screen. This looks messy and amateurish. Really polished apps don't seem to do this. Shouldn't the top line be locked into place and the app scroll underneath?
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I'm not sure if we can do anything about this as we are putting the app in full screen mode per your scroll. We may be able to detect this and hide the time (status bar it's called). Thanks for the report.
Then non-full screen would look better. The status bar and any headers/banners should be fixed at the top and app data should scroll behind. Tapatalk works that way. So does every other app I can think of. Having text superimposed over the status bar looks poor IMO.
Actually, it appears that only the trip view page has that weird bouncing banner and superimposed status bar issue. All the other pages lock the top of the screen in place. Why just the trip view page?