Autofill on Aicraft ID field


May 31, 2005
I wish.... that when I tabbed into the Aircraft ID field, nothing would pop up. If you want to have auto-complete, so that you type "N98" and your previous tail number "N989SL" pops up, great. But I should be able to tab across the entire line and not change a thing - even if the Aircraft ID field is blank.

Your post was unprofessional therefore removed. We appreciate your posts to the Wish List forums, however, posting to this forum is a suggestion input. We do not respond typically to Wish List posts. They are for future reference and a way to voice your opinions and suggestions to future updates. We read all posts here, there is no need to post info as you did simply to bump a Wish List post to the top.

Thank you for your suggestions to our Wish List forum.
All I was looking for is acknowledgement that I wasn't talking to a brick wall. Thanks for the reply.