Automatic import?


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Feb 4, 2007
Is auto import in the works? Why couldn't APDL log into Flica or crewtrac and show all available trips for import? There are other apps that allow direct connection, and they are not just Sabre products, there are third party apps.
Automatic import in the APDL settings means automatically importing trips from the schedule importer without you manually opening APDL and tapping on the trips in the importer section.

We cannot legally access flica or crewtrac to retrieve information at this time due to their terms of service. We would like to be able to do something like this at some point in the future but as of now their terms of service do not allow it.
Not true. I know of 4 apps, two third party android and 2 iOS that do automatically download and display flica or crewtrac data. Mccpilotlog and airline roster are iOS. Flightcrewview Is an android app that is extremely well done and was created by a republic pilot.
Also, it should first show the trips available for import, then require user action to actually complete the import. Copy and paste is ancient. I hear that different computers can actually talk to each other now over something called the interweb. Sorry for the sarcasm.
Terms of service do not allow access to trip providers such as FLiCA, Sabre, etc. Copying and Pasting is the only way to get data from your trip source into the schedule importer. This has nothing to do with ancient, it's actually extremely modern that we can parse this information as we do. We are simply complying with the legal requirements of your trip provider which others have disregarded but we hold higher standards in our operations.
That's too bad. I don't think that accessing your personal data on a third party app is that much different than accessing it on a third party browser and copying it into another app, but I am not a lawyer. It is surprising that Apple would approve 2 apps that do this. I thought that Apple was extremely conservative legally. That is why they would not approve StyleTap.
Apple cannot go out and find/review the terms of every system/site an app accesses. However, if the trip provider reported to Apple that the app was doing this Apple would (I assume) pull the app. Google probably the same but Google is more hands off with apps and has no review process. I believe the apps you're alluding too are Android and not iOS - but that's a moot point.
Two of the apps are iOS. I just downloaded one of them from the app store, Airline Roster, a free app, and was able to load my flica schedule. It's a pretty terrible app, but it is apple approved.
I heard from the guy who wrote "flight crew view" and the "legal hammer" is definitely not going to come down in him. He has communicated with sabre, and they have no problem with his app. Your excuses about auto import seem a bit dubious.