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Better way to synchronize master and clone logbooks


Active member
Jul 22, 2004
Couple suggestions here.

[*] Remove the dependency on a specific filename to identify a clone logbook. Just because it doesn't have _clone as part of the name doesn't mean I didn't clone it.

[*] Streamline the process, currently I have to export the clone from my laptop to a network drive, import it to my desktop, then synchronize the two logbooks. At the very least I shouldn't need to import before synchronizing, this should be done in one step. I should be able to select the .lbx file and it should synchronize directly from that file without the intermediate import step (or at least make this import transparent).

An even better method, though I realize it would be a major overhaul of the system, would be to have the two programs (LBPro on the laptop and LBPro on the desktop) connect directly to each other through the network and synchronize with a direct link. No files involved, all the user would have to do is something like press 'listen for sync' on one, and then press 'sync' on the other one.

Thanks for the great product.