Can Only Sync 1 Flight, etc at a time?


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Jun 27, 2006
How do you enter multiple flights on PPC before syncing to PC. I have tried numerous ways to enter and save multiple flights. When I sync it only has the latest flight. What am I doing incorrectly. The same thing happens when entering multiple history items as well.


When you add a flight to the Pocket PC, click the SAVE icon on the bottom toolbar when done. Then click the far left icon to add a NEW flight, then save again. It sounds like you are not clicking the NEW icon on the lower left of the toolbar to add new entries.
Hello Neal,
running LBP PPC v1.10.16. The layout and look is quite different from the video tutorial. Could you give a description of buttons, tabs and their functions on 1.10.16.

Also it seems that after saving several entries it's NOT possible to scroll through the past entries.

Is that supposed to be????

Yankee Clipper
Hello YC,

When you open a data entry area, if you see a white paper icon on the far left of the toolbar, click this to start a NEW entry. Enter your data, click the disk icon to SAVE. Click the NEW icon again to start a new entry, then again save. Click the close "ok" at the top right of the screen when done, then if ready to sync, you should also, but not required, click File..Shut Down to exit out of Logbook Pro. Then run the PDA Wizard.

The |< < > >| buttons at the bottom will help you navigate among records.

Please see the documentation for more info.